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Madison, WI

Month: April 2019


Rebecca is a true leader who listens to understand, is incredibly thoughtful and collaborative in her work approach. Rebecca has a broad range of experiences across industries and a range of functional areas including developing/facilitating community partnerships, coalition building, program evaluation, and navigating complex problems. Rebecca’s sincerity, down to earth and inclusive approach makes her…
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Special Projects

Where do you start with our colleague, Kerry? She’s genuine, heart-centered and a tireless advocate for justice. As a talented evaluator with extensive local and international experience, Kerry has tackled issues such as maternal well-being, HIV prevention, opioid harm prevention and equitable methodologies for community engagement. We could not be luckier to have even a…
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Have you met our fantastic colleague, Linda Vakunta? She’s as dynamic and charismatic as they come! Linda has a wealth of experience that she brings to ECE Partners, including her role as Executive Director of Project 1808 Inc, a Sierra Leone-based NGO, as well as extensive international monitoring and evaluation expertise. We love working with…
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Graphic Recording

Working with our colleague, Tina Abert, has revolutionized the way we facilitate training sessions and events. As a seasoned graphic recorder, Tina is attuned to the ideas of everyone in the room, freeing up the other members of the team to focus on facilitation and engaging with participants. In addition, the visuals she create serve…
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